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Privileged location

Located in Tepeji de Río, Hidalgo, a strategic location in the center of México, that connects
with various poles of the country.


Situated on Highway 57 with quick access to Circuito Exterior Mexiquense and Arco Norte.

World-class infrastructure

Designed to meet the highest standards and to successfully operate your business.

We are right in the center of the area with the highest potential in Mexico and situated in the backbone of the most important land road for exports.

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Park access via deceleration lanes and underground tunnels


In the center of the Automotive Cluster of Mexico.

Close to Mexico City, 24 miles away from the highest consumer market in Latin America.

More than 200 transnational companies in the area.

62 miles away from Aeronautical Cluster of Querétaro.

Close to airports: Mexico City, Santa Lucía, Toluca, Querétaro and Puebla.

Access to operational and specialized talent: surrounded by 6 localities no more than 41 miles in the distance.



Operating  Regulations

Sustainable design

Residual water treatment plant

Own water wells

Inventory buildings

Our industrial complex offers a variety of industrial buildings ready to lease that meet the highest standards in design and quality.  These facilities have the flexibility to be adequate to your company’s operations and necessities.


We design and construct buildings according to the client’s needs. We assure to know the company’s operation, and we develop a tailor-made project.

Fortem Industrial was developed by a team of experts with more than 30 years in the real estate and construction industry, having developed more than  598 thousand square yards.


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